European Factoring Market – 2017 half year results

 The EU Federation for Factoring and Commercial Finance recently collated the 1st half year’s turnover results for EU factoring market. Responding countries represented 97% of the European factoring market.

Factoring turnover in the 1st half of 2017 for EU countries exceeded 776 billion euro, an outstanding year on year increase of 9%.

Accordingly, 2017 is shaping up to be the 8th year of constant, continuous growth in factoring turnover, con rming that factoring is now perceived by companies as one of their main sources of funding.

In the same period of 2016, year on year increase was 3,14%, so this year’s higher value suggests that nal turnover growth for 2017 will be signi cantly higher than that experienced in 2016 and could even exceed 15%, a gure that would be more than twice the market’s 5 years’ average compound annual growth rate.

The country which had the highest impact on EU factoring half year’s statistics was Italy, with almost 17% of yearly increase.

Three other countries who had signifcant increases in absolute values were Germany, France and Spain, with increases respectively 8,7 billion €, 8,2 billion € and 8,1 Billion €. In the case of Spain, to ensure comparability, data for the rst half 2016 has been restated since it did not include two important market players, who at that time withheld their data.

This year’s GDP penetration ratio was higher than the last year’s (10,4% comparing to 9,6% in rst half of 2016), and there were wide variations between countries. The lowest GDP penetration ratio was in Czech Republic (3,2%) and the highest in Belgium (16,1%).

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