Case Studies

Whether you need to finance your activity, need financing for an external growth project, or wish to improve your cash flow, our expertise in understanding the complexity of the French and European markets enables you to obtain the best solutions for your needs.

Context: A spin-off of a Zinc materials production company with € 350 million turnover. A Private Equity fund tasked us with finding solutions in order to be able to finance the the working capital as soon as the deal was concluded.

A € 40 million factoring line in Belgium and Norway.
A € 30 million reverse factoring line
Guarantee group customers with credit insurance

Permanent financing of € 35 million in factoring and € 30 million in reverse factoring,
Guarantee against unpaid debts on all the subsidiaries of this group (25 countries worldwide)

Spin off of a 160M€ company which is one of the leading producers within the PVC compounds industry. The group is composed of 3 companies in France, Spain and Italy. The buyer asked us to find pan-European financing solutions.

Factoring contracts in France, Italy and Spain
Guarantee the accounts receivable of the companies of the group

Client obtains permanent financing on working capital of € 30 million
Payment guarantee against the client debt of each country

Context: Independent € 4.5M€ company in toy manufacturing. The company’s activity is seasonal and our client's need was to urgently obtain a cash financing line to settle suppliers’ invoices and optimise working capital.

Audit of client receivables history to prepare for Factoring companies tender
Set up a reverse charge factoring line of 420 000 €

Once on the reverse factoring system, the client invites suppliers of its choice within the credit limits granted.


Type of Operation

Credit Insurance
Reverse Factoring

Client Company T/O


Market Sectors

Finance/Private Equity