Manage and Secure your Working Capital

Discover a unique and complete approach in your search for optimizing working capital requirements and improving your cash flow

1 Group, 3 Companies, 3 specialities

Are you an investment fund, restructuring firm or a company in the process of external growth? Save time in operational management, we take care of analyzing, financing and optimizing your working capital.

Our 3 Areas of Expertise


Get expert help in optimising your working capital needs and credit management.
Our subsidiary Kansa Consulting offers audits and diagnosis of working capital requirements for SMEs, mid-caps, large groups, in France and in Europe. Kansa also offers expertise in the risks of regulated sureties.


Researching, structuring, and management of working capital requirements.
Our subsidiary D&A Financial Solutions assists companies and investment funds in finding, structuring and managing their working capital financing. Our team benefits from a track record of more than 20 years.


Tools to track your factoring financing and customer risk.
Our subsidiary D&A Consulting manages, secures and optimises our clients Factoring and Credit Insurance contracts and offers advice and tools for cashflow management.

Our Group

D&A Group is an independent group, specialising in the management and financing of working capital needs since 1998.

Present in France and the United Kingdom, the group is involved in international projects to finance and secure working capital.

We enable access to financing for investment funds and companies through our relationships with major financial institutions and credit insurers.


Type of Operation
Credit Insurance
Reverse Factoring
Surety Bonds
Client Company T/O
< 10M€
Market Sectors
Public and Construction


D&A Group supports you all the way through your project from research to completion.
  • Analysis and advice for your working capital requirements
  • Assessment of your funding criteria and financing requirements
  • Project requirements analysis and presentation to our potential providers
  • Search for a financing solution adapted to your requirements and criteria
  • Support in your decision-making process and through to contract implementation
Follow Up
  • Follow up of contracts in place
  • Implementation of tools and processes for optimal management of your working capital needs

Case Studies

Whether you need to finance your activity, need financing for an external growth project, or wish to improve your cash flow, our expertise in understanding the complexity of the French and European markets enables you to obtain the best solutions for your needs.

Situation: Spin-off of a Zinc production company, based in Belgium and Norway, achieving an annual turnover of € 550 million, in Europe, North America and Asia.

Solutions provided: Implementation of a pan-European factoring program of € 40 million, a reverse factoring line of € 25 million and a worldwide credit insurance policy (Europe, Asia, Oceania, USA and Canada).

Monitoring of programs through monthly reporting.

Situation: Acquisition by an investment fund of a group in the construction industry with an annual turnover of € 600 million.

Solutions provided: Implementation of a factoring program for a financing line of € 90 million and various guarantee lines for € 30 million.

Situation: Spin off of a € 190 million company in the PVC compound industry.

Solutions obtained: Factoring contracts in France, Italy, Spain and U.K for a financing line of € 30 million, group credit insurance policy.

Proven expertise, market knowledge

Our expertise in understanding the complexity of the French and European markets allows us to provide "turnkey" solutions adapted to the needs of the client company.

Our methodology is based on clear procedures, using analytical tools to meet specific requirements, with the rapid implementation of bespoke products and solutions (confidential factoring, deconsolidation of factoring, reverse factoring, optimisation of existing procedures).


The group team is committed improving your cash flow and creating value.

Isabelle LEFEBRE

Managing Director
A working capital audit specialist, Isabelle brings clarity and structure to companies' balance sheets, whilst managing her team of Consultants.


An Expert in the field of customer/supplier coverage, Corinne manages and manages the implementation of credit insurance and reverse factoring files for local and international programs.
Thierry DUVAL

Thierry DUVAL

A cash flow professional, Thierry likes to set up Pan-European financing projects by providing the interface between the Company and the Financial providers.
Stanislas DIEPOIS

Stanislas DIEPOIS

Business Manager
A project developer, Stanislas works alongside investment funds to create partnerships and encourage the development of their holdings.

Stirling AUSTIN

An accomplished entrepreneur, Stirling assists the group in developing business with British and American companies and manages our partnerships with providers.
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